School Days☁🌸

Kheekheee, I’m so “eXcITed” !! From where do I start…. Okay….I’ll begin from kicking off my mornings! Every single day I roll out of my bed, refreshed, 6 am. Gotcha! Here’s how my waking up actually looks like:Meerrrrrgghhhhhhhh!!!!! – The sound of me sleeping. After a 3700 alarms, my mom comes in and frantically calls […]

School Days☁🌸

Fall in love Again ❤️

“Forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning.” the quote read; I was wondering what it really meant. Whom should I forgive? The inner self to whom I have buried long back, to whom I have kept safe from the untrustworthy world, to whom I have not let fly for the fear of acrophobia, or to whom i have not let live for the fear of betrayal and lies or to the person who persuade me that I can be better out of everything and left me hung out to dry…..Yes, heartbreaks happens not from relationships but from friendships or career you want to pursue or job you so want! So,just let this feeling sink in you are what you are.The rejection doesn’t make you fugitive.If somebody has shattered you into pieces,forgive them. At first,it seems easy to say but still difficult to do.But yes,once you do that it gives you the inner peace.Forgive them not because they deserve or they are sorry, but because you are magnanimous. Because you cannot let the feeling of betrayal eat your heart out.

Love & Friendship

” Ronak is Awesome “

– Ronak

And how much difficult it seems to fall in love again, trust me you deserve to be loved again. Because life without love is like tasteless food,which you want to enjoy but can not because you are afraid you might end up getting the same things as you had earlier. But darling, you deserve so much better than this. By not allowing new love to your life, you are depriving of the euphoria you might actually deserve. Give your heart time to heal. The scars which you have now will make you proud and beautiful then.Trust the timing of your life.Let all angst drain away. Remember one thing- YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND!